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What to Wear to a Baptism

What to Wear to a Baptism: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Outfit

Baptisms are meaningful ceremonies, but the dress code is generally more relaxed than for other religious events. There’s usually no need to stress about finding a perfect formal outfit. However, that doesn’t mean you can just wear anything.

It’s important to dress modestly and appropriately out of respect for the family and the significance of the occasion. The good news is there are lots of stylish options that will make you look and feel great without going overboard.

In this article, I’ll share general guidelines for both men and women on choosing what to wear to a baptism. You’ll find recommendations for key pieces, colors, accessories, and more. I’ll also include specific outfit ideas and examples.

By the end, you’ll feel confident you have the right look picked out for the baptism on your calendar!

General Tips for What to Wear to a Baptism

When deciding what to wear to a baptism, keep the following general tips in mind:

Dress Modestly

Baptisms are religious events, so modesty in your outfit is appreciated. For women, avoid low necklines, very short hemlines/skirts, and overly tight clothing. For men, refrain from muscle tanks or shorts.

Consider Layers

Churches can sometimes be chilly, so bring a sweater or cardigan you can take off if needed. Layers give you more flexibility.

Pants are Acceptable for Women

Women do not have to wear dresses or skirts. Dress pants or even nice quality jeans are perfectly appropriate.

Choose Fabrics that Won’t Wrinkle Easily

Baptisms don’t have to be formal, but you still want to look polished. Pick fabrics like ponte, twill, and stretch cotton that won’t wrinkle as easily and can hold up well throughout the day’s activities.

Clean and Press Your Outfit

Make sure to properly clean and press whatever you choose to wear. Showing up in wrinkled clothing gives an impression of disrespect.

Check with the Family on Formality

If you’re unsure about expectations for attire, don’t hesitate to ask the baby’s immediate family. They’ll appreciate you want to honor their wishes.

Outfit Ideas for Women: What to Wear to a Baptism

When deciding what to wear to a baptism as a woman, you have lots of cute yet tasteful options. Here are some go-to outfit ideas that check the boxes for modesty and style:

Floral Midi Skirt

A midi skirt hitting below or at the knee is an easy way to look dressy without wearing a full-on dress. Pair it with a simple solid top. For baptisms, floral prints read spring-like and celebratory.

Printed Dress with Collar

If wearing a dress, choose one with a higher neckline and pair it with a jacket or cardigan. For the godmother, a printed dress with a collar or mock neck looks classy and joyful.

Polka Dot Dress

Another festive print for baptisms is classic polka dots. A polka dot fit and flare dress conveys the right balance of casual and dressy.

More Floral Midi Skirt Styles

Can’t get enough of the floral midi skirt idea? Here are more examples of how to wear it for a baptism:

  • White eyelet top with pink floral skirt
  • Navy and pink striped boatneck shirt with navy floral skirt
  • Coral chiffon blouse with coral floral skirt

Dress with Cardigan

One foolproof baptism look for women is a sleeveless dress in a solid color or simple print paired with a neutral cardigan. Keep the dress on the modest side and choose a thin, dressy cardigan style.

Suggestions for Colors and Patterns When Deciding What to Wear to a Baptism

Baptisms are joyful occasions, so you want your outfit colors and patterns to reflect that. Here are some tips:

Bright Colors

Don’t be afraid to wear brighter shades like coral, mint, or blush. Pastels also work well. White and cream are fresh options too.

Fun Prints

As mentioned above, florals, polka dots and classic stripes are great print choices for baptisms.

Avoid Dark Colors

Stay away from darker shades like black, brown, navy, or dark red, which can look somber.

Don’t Think You Have to Wear All Light Colors

With the white baptism gown and church decor, you may be tempted to only wear light colors. But medium and brighter hues look great and are encouraged.

Ask the Family About Outfit Formality for a Baptism

When in doubt about what to wear to a baptism, go straight to the source – ask the family! Here are tips on doing so tactfully:

Don’t Assume Anything

Even if you’ve been to baptisms before, don’t assume this family’s expectations will be the same. Check in with them.

Frame Your Ask Around Wanting to Honor Their Wishes

Let them know you want to dress in a way that aligns with their preferences since it’s their child’s special day.

Inquire About the Location

The formality of the church or venue may provide a clue. A small chapel may be more casual than a grand cathedral.

Consider Asking the Godparents

If asking the parents directly feels awkward, you could subtly check with your fellow godparents about attire.

Give Options

Provide a range like “Would you recommend cocktail attire or smart casual?” so they can guide you one way or the other.

Conclusion: Confidently Choose What to Wear to a Baptism

As you can see, what you wear to a baptism doesn’t have to be tricky or nerve-wracking to decide. The vibe is celebratory yet relaxed. The key is sticking with modest options in colors and prints that radiate joy and feel appropriate for the church.

For women, go for florals, polka dots, and classy silhouettes. Finish with a cardigan or jacket. For men, steer clear of shorts and sleeveless tops. By following these tips, you can confidently choose an outfit that lets you look and feel your best as you honor the family and this meaningful faith event.

The bottom line is if you aim for stylish yet tasteful pieces and check with the family if unsure, you can’t go wrong. Baptisms are all about family, love, and celebrating new life – your outfit should reflect that spirit!

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