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What to Wear to a Country Concert?

What to Wear to a Country Concert?

Are you headed to a country music concert soon and not sure what to wear? As someone who loves singing along to Dolly Parton and dancing my boots off at Florida Georgia Line shows, I totally get the struggle. While jeans and boots are country concert staples, there are so many stylish updated looks to consider beyond the classic denim and leather.

In this article, I’ll cover how to put together an amazing country-inspired outfit, from head-to-toe denim to fringe accents and more. You’ll find outfit ideas and styling tips to look on-trend while paying homage to your favorite country artists.

Rock Head-to-Toe Denim for a Classic Country Look

One quintessential country concert style is denim from head to toe. I love a good Canadian tuxedo moment with baggier silhouettes and modern details for a current vibe. A denim shirt paired with loose mom jeans or wide leg styles makes a comfortable outfit you can dance in. Amp up an all-denim outfit with a denim jacket in a shacket style, an oversized button-down shirt jacket that’s so on-trend right now.

To take the look up a notch, add some leather into the mix. Brown leather boots or a black leather bag offset all the denim nicely. You can also throw on some leather accent pieces like bracelets or a belt. When styling head-to-toe denim, focus on distressing, fading, and ornamental hardware to make it feel modern rather than dated.

Leather Pants Add Edgy Style to Any Country Concert Outfit

One way to make your country concert attire feel a little more rock and roll is by sporting leather pants or faux leather leggings. Pair these edgy bottoms with a graphic band tee or denim top for contradiction. I especially love wearing black leather leggings with an oversized knit sweater or denim jacket once the sun goes down.

Leather pants work year-round for country shows since they look great with boots and booties. In warmer weather, try a crop top and leather shorts. Come autumn and winter, style them with tall boots and cozy knits. Just be sure your leather pants are stretchy and comfortable enough to two-step in.

Accessorize Jean Shorts for Concert Style That Really Pops

Denim shorts are another country concert essential that can be elevated so many ways. A bedazzled or embroidered back pocket instantly amps up a basic pair of jean shorts. I also love to add fun jewelry like personalized nameplate belts, layered necklaces, or stacked bracelets.

Boots take jean shorts to the next level, whether cowboy, vintage, western, or rugged lace-up styles. You can also throw on tights, tall socks, or fishnets under jean shorts as a nod to western style. Top jean shorts with sweaters, tie-front button downs, or graphic tees to complete the outfit. Basically anything that allows you to move and lets your accessories shine.

Bandanas Add Casual Style and Functionality

Bandanas are a key country concert accessory for adding laidback style. But they also serve so many functional purposes that make them a must-have item for shows. Use a bandana as a headband to keep hair and sweat at bay. Tie one around your neck for a pop of color that hides the grime and grit of an outdoor tailgate or festival.

Bandanas worn as belts are great to stash small items like cards or keys in their knot. You can even use them to wipe your face or hands clean from dust and spills. I like to pick bandanas that complement the rest of my outfit, like classic paisley prints or ones featuring images of my favorite country singers. They let me show my fandom in a trendy way.

Take Cues From Southwestern and Americana Styles

To really embrace country flair, take inspiration from folk, southwestern and Americana styles. Outfits with details like native prints, crochet, fringe, or stitching can instantly give off that American west vibe perfect for concerts. An Aztec-print jacket layered over a simple tank and denim shorts channels boho country. Or wear a crochet crop top to show your crafty side.

Look for pieces embellished with whipstitching, suede fringe, or blanket stitching. Cowboy hats, ponchos, and anything denim automatically have that Americana spirit too. Don’t be afraid to mix patters like buffalo plaid with folk floral prints either. These styles balance new and old country music influences.

Baseball Caps Show Your Love for Favorite Country Acts

Baseball caps are a low-key way to rep your most-loved bands at a country show. A simple hat can finish off so many outfits from boho maxis to vintage cuts to plain tees and jeans. Look for ones featuring the names of country legends like Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson, or modern stars like Maren Morris and Thomas Rhett.

Baseball caps shade your face so are practical during the day. But they still work for night shows to hold back hair and show your fandom. I love pairing mine with gravel-stained denim, leather moto jackets, and my comfiest boots. A country concert hat can start conversations with fellow fans and perfectly top off your ensemble.

Add Just a Touch of Fringe for Texture and Movement

If you like the look of fringe but find it overwhelming head-to-toe, try small touches on certain pieces. Fringe trim on shorts, skirts, or dress hems gives flirty movement while walking. Fringed boots, jackets, purses, and jewelry make fun country additions without going costumey.

Look for suede fringe rather than shiny costume-like fringe when possible. Keep the rest of your look minimal and let the fringe be the statement. I once wore a simple linen T-shirt dress to an outdoor show but got tons of compliments on my fringed suede bag. Fringe in small doses is an easy way to incorporate western detailing.

Of Course, You Have to Wear Your Favorite Pair of Cowboy Boots

It goes without saying that cowboy boots are a must for country concerts. Lucky for us, cowboy boots go with absolutely everything making them so versatile. Some of my favorite boot outfit combinations include short denim dresses, maxi boho skirts, jean shorts showing just a little skin, and skinny jeans tucked in.

Cowboy boot styles like western stitching, cool hardware details, and fun colors or prints make them really stand out. But you can also keep boots simple and let other accessories shine. If you’ll be dancing a lot, choose leather cowboy boots with a pointier silhouette and slimmer heel. But go for a traditional wide square toe and higher heel to really walk the country walk.

Top Off Your Outfit With a Cowboy Hat for a Classic Touch

The perfect accessory to tie together a country concert outfit is undoubtedly a cowboy hat. This iconic western staple just screams country music fandom. Cowboy hats come in so many styles, from classic felts to fun straw designs perfect for outdoor summer shows. Top off any concert outfit with a hat for an instant style boost.

When wearing a cowboy hat, balance the proportions. Style your hat with an oversized button-down left open or a billowy maxi dress so you don’t look swallowed up. Go for natural cream or black colors for versatility; save the bright pink or turquoise hats for full western getups. Play with different brim styles to see what flatters you most. Just remember to hold on tight when the wind picks up!

Get Excited to Show Off Your Country Concert Style

I don’t know about you, but now I’m excited to put together some fun new looks for upcoming country shows. Denim, leather, fringe, cowboy hats—the options are endless for creating amazing outfits that are comfortable, cute, and perfect for dancing the night away.

Use these outfit ideas and styling tips as inspiration when planning your next concert ensemble. Show off your unique style and pride for country music through your clothing. I can’t wait to see your fresh takes on classic western and Americana looks at the next show! What will your go-to country concert outfit be?

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